Wire Injection Machine Installed

  • General arrangement of wire feeding Machine
  • wire injection machine for LF (Laddle Refining Furnace & ARS /RH/VD CCM )
  • Vertical Injection Straightening Technology
  • Standard Wire Feeders
  • Low Speed Wire Feeders

Two Stand Wire Feeder

  • Single Strand Wire Feeder
  • Two Strand Wire Feeder for Steel Foundry
  • Four Strand Wire Feeder for Steel Plant
  • Customised Guide Systems
  • Auxillary systems
  • Control systems with high level of Automations


Inject solid Aluminium wire and cored wire

  • For controlling the shape of inclusions.
  • To improve fluidity and castability.
  • To improve the cleanness and cold ductility for wire drawing.
  • To control blowholes and improve machinability.
  • Desulphurisation in steel casting.

Cored Wire Feeder Systems

Manufacture cored wire feeding system for various industrial uses. Our cored wire feeding system is design with unique feature of load cell based weighing system for comparison and accurate feeding. Cored wire feeding machine installed for LF.

  • Wire Size – 6 to 21mm
  • Speed 0 to 300 or 450 Meters/Min.

Wire Feeding Machine Installed For LF

Four Stand Wire Feeder

  • Wire Size – 6 to 21mm
  • Speed 0 to 300 to 450 Meters/Min.

Aluminium Wire Feeder For CCM

  • Feeding Rate : 7 Mtr per Min
  • Wire rod (Dia) : Aluminium 3 – 5mm Dia
  • Motor/Gaerbox : BBL/Siemens
  • Duty : Continuous Duty